you take care of the music.

we bring people.

They travel with us.They sleep with us.We have fun together.

How to come

Many people don't know how to reach the event or are alone with no companion.

How can I help them?


Sometimes due to inefficient sleeping solutions, many people participate at the event only for 1 day.


Providing the best sanitary solution is not always easy. Comfortable bathrooms and showers are one of the first worries of participants.

let new relaxed and happy participants take part in your event with cocovan.

 We think about picking them up, bringing them at the event and follow them in every need or suggestion they have. You can focus on the lineup.

do it


contact us.

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Sustainibility: Cocovan promotes sustainable tourism and aims to reduce environmental impact when travelling. Therefore, Cocovan will re-invest 60% of profits back into the business to further its mission.

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