Cocovan was born from the dream of three travelers willing to renovate the en plein air market through the sharing economy tools. Our platform is a hub for travelers, festival and outdoor events's lovers where they can book their next on the road trip and meet new people. Our proposals are a significant eco-friendly solutions to reach and experience every event. Our team will handle every step of the trip from the departure from one of the agreed cities, to your arrival at the event and also to the free time you can spend with the activities we will arrange for every event. Every group is managed by a coordinator who will take care of every need and suggestion of the group while traveling. We select our coordinators for every event according to the kind of event and its mood in order to provide always the best guide to our groups. Also the vehicles are selected between a wide range of campervans and vans with a high level of quality and performance offered by partner rental companies always willing to provide the best and comfortable solution for every event. 

The society joined the market in the summer of 2018 thanks to many strategical partnerships in the music festival's branch such as Todays,Montelago Celtic Festival, Balla coi Cinghiali and other important tour operators like SurfWeek. Stay tuned on our platform and social to check the next events for the ''on the road's'' lovers. Share your plan, have fun!





Sustainibility: Cocovan promotes sustainable tourism and aims to reduce environmental impact when travelling. Therefore, Cocovan will re-invest 60% of profits back into the business to further its mission.

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